Saturn and the Root Chakra

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Over the past 8 years I have spent a great deal of time trying to learn and understand the world of astrology. I know for most people hearing the language of astrology is like hearing a foreign language. It can seem very overwhelming and confusing. I will be honest with you there is a lot to learn and I don’t think I will ever stop learning something new. However, this is what makes astrology so beautiful. I love astrology because it can be linked to just about every aspect of your life. It also serves as a source of guidance or a compass. I have been using this guidance system with my clients and myself for the past 5 years and have had tremendous results. I am going to try and break down how I use astrology with my clients, so you can start to integrate it into your life.

Let’s Break it Down

When I work with clients I always work with the chakra system. While it might seem like these two systems have nothing to do with each other this couldn’t be further from the truth. The zodiacs and planets actually rule the chakra systems. If you can think of it like this the cosmos are the big energy and the chakras are the smaller energies that come from the cosmos that may help you to visualize how they work together.

I know there is a lot of information on astrology we have planets, houses, zodiacs, aspects, and on and on. For now all you need to worry about is one small piece at a time. It is much easier to absorb when you break it down into small chunks. It’s like learning a language you don’t try and learn every work at once. You break it down and learn a little, at a time.

Since the chakra system is my jam and what I work with the most. I will go through each chakra and explain how it is ruled by the planets and zodiacs and how the houses affect them. Here we go! Let’s start with Saturn and the root chakra.

Saturn- The Father Figure

If you are brand new to astrology let me first say this. Each planet has it’s own characteristics (or energy that it radiates) and this infuses the zodiac signs it rules. It also has areas it rules. For the sake of keeping everything simple and easy to understand I will give you basic characteristics and rulership qualities. There will be plenty of time to dig in deeper later.

When we talk about Saturn we are talking about the Father Figure. Saturn’s energy creates boundaries and limits. It is also the teacher and it’s primary role is to teach us lessons so we can grow and expand. It takes Saturn approximately 28 years to cycle through our whole birth chart. During these first 28 years of life we are learning and living our old karma that we have brought with us into this life. Saturn rules karma and is often called the karma police. Anything you have done in this life or a past life will be brought to light through Saturn.

The first 28 years of life we are working through everything we have brought with us into this life. This includes trauma. Trauma can be passed down generationally and from past lives. It will show up in the root chakra, which we will discuss in a minute. The trauma that we carry into this life is meant to be dealt with before we turn 28. By the time we turn 28 we are mean to be creating new Karma and working towards what we want to achieve in this life.

Saturn also rules discipline and responsibilities. How you show up in these areas of your life is dependent upon where Saturn is in your chart. This will also indicate what areas of your life you need to learn lessons. Saturns job is to make you grow and to help you learn. It will have you asking yourself what do you fear or worry about? Saturn is great at making you a worrier! If you are not careful, it can drive you crazy! This is why it is so helpful to have an understanding of where Saturn is in your birth chart. This will enable you to work with this energy and give you an understanding of the areas you are being restricted in your life.

Finally Saturn is here to remind us of the commitments we have made and our responsibilities. It will identify the weakest areas of our life. It’s important to be aware of this and work towards harmonizing our life. Saturn often gets a bad wrap because it calls us on our shit. But the truth is, Saturn is what pushes us to grow and evolve. It is not always easy and can be damn right painful, but it is necessary.

Saturn also rules the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius, which we will get into at another time. It’s just something I want you to be aware of and put in your back pocket. As you look at these two zodiac signs, see if you can identify any of the Saturn traits in these signs.

Saturn and Root Chakra

The root chakra is the energy center that is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with the color red and rules our lower body and sex organs. The root chakra is the chakra that governs boundaries (hello Saturn) and gives us security in life. This is also the chakra that we bring past life and generational trauma into this life (hello again Saturn). The developmental period of this chakra is in womb to ages 12 months of age. This chakra is all about feeling safe and secure in the world and any disruption to this will cause damage to this chakra that will be carried with you until it is addressed. When this chakra is damaged it can cause problems with money, security, boundaries, safety, relationships and having roots. Most of us have damage to this chakra during childhood or we bring trauma into this life with us. This is because if you remember Saturn is the teacher. Our wounds are our teachers ( I know it sucks) and we must learn from them. If you remember I said Saturn has a way of getting in your head and making you worry well it can also cause depression. The root chakra is associated with deep depression as well. In order to deal with our depression and worry, we have to heal our wounds. Most of us have some idea what has caused trauma to these areas but, sometimes we are unaware. The birth chart is a good place to look to see what areas you may have trauma. You can look at your chart and see what houses the signs Capricorn and Aquarius are. These are if you remember from above, rules by Saturn, and have information as to what you might be bringing with you into this life. Look at the houses these zodiacs are in. Look at the other planets that are in these houses and signs. This will give you a lot of information about what could be inhibiting your root chakra and what you need to work on. It can also give you a great deal of validation if you already have an idea of what could be going on.

Final Thoughts

Saturn is the planet that polices karma, teacher, father figure, boundaries, rules, and restriction. This planet rules the root chakra and this chakra is what gives us boundaries in life, helps us dig deep roots in life, feel safe and secure, and grounded. The root chakra is also the chakra that carries our trauma, ancestral trauma, and past life trauma. Through our trauma we learn and grow and this is what Saturn does for us. While it may not always be enjoyable it is necessary and vital if we are going to evolve as humans.

If you would like to learn more about your birth chart and what you are bringing into this life you can book an appointment with me for a birth chart reading. You can learn more about this by clicking the link below.

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