Full Moon Check List

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Full Moon

The moon is a phenomenon that has always amazed me. It’s so powerful yet so gentle at the same time. It’s energy is constantly waxing and waning and with this guiding us to change and evolve. Even if we don’t understand her or how she operates her energy still affects us deeply. Going into this full moon/eclipse I have no been immune to the pull of her energy. The new moon brought about a huge shift in my life and now as we approach the full moon I am evaluating what I need to release and let go of in order to continue my evolution in this life. The full moon is the time in the lunar cycle where everything becomes illuminated. All the goals or intentions we set with the new moon are starting to take shape (even if we don’t see it) and we have to start letting go of the old to make room for the new. This particular lunar cycle has been very strong as it was accompanied by eclipses. Eclipses are like New Moon’s and Full Moon’s on crack! They set the tone for next 6 months or more of our life. They have the ability to bring about huge shifts and changes in our lives. As we approach the full moon on January 20–21 I wanted to offer some tips to prepare and work with this energy.

Full Moon Check List

  1. Release-This is a time to self reflect and release what isn’t working for you in life. I recommend some form of releasing ritual to help you let go. This could be in the form of journaling or writing down what you want to let go off and burning it.

  2. Crystals- Working with crystals can be a powerful tool to help release and comfort you during your time of release. Crystals that work good during the full moon are Amethyst, Moon Stone, Selenite, and Rose Quartz. This is also an ideal time to charge your crystals.

  3. Meditation- This is a great time to meditate. Allow yourself to open up to the energy of the moon. This can be an ideal time to connect with your spirit guides, angels, or higher power. Ask for guidance or signs if you are feeling lost as you shift and let go.

  4. Ritual-Rituals can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Give yourself the opportunity to make a ritual out of the moon. You can light candles, incense, journal, meditate, do some form of movement, create an alter, and so on. The ritual could also be as simple as turning your phone off and just sitting in the quiet.

  5. Shift- This full moon, especially, allow the changes and shifts that need to take place to happen. It can be scary to change or feel a shift, but try and allow it to happen.

  6. Journal- The full moon is extremely powerful and has a huge impact on our emotions. Journaling is an ideal tool for processing all of the emotions and feelings that come out during the full moon. Often times you will find this is when you will have major breakthroughs in life and mindset.

Community-Gathering under the moon is a tradition that almost every culture has acknowledged on some level for centuries. This is a good time to gather your tribe and circle together. Powerful things happen under the full moon when we release collectively . It offers the opportunity to have support, heal, and raise our vibrations.

Be Gentle

As you go into this full moon, please be gentle with yourself and those around you. There is a lot of energy pushing us to do one final release so we can move ahead this year. This last push is challenging because it is pulling shit out of all the corners in our life. We are being forced to deal with anything left behind from the last few years. Dealing with our emotional baggage is scary and painful, but there is light at the other end of the tunnel and this is necessary to make room for new things in our life.