Chakra Healing

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Energy & Intuitive Healing

Everything Is Energy and That’s All There Is To It. Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want. Albert Einstein

Energy healing is a unique healing modality that works with the energy systems in the body. The energy system that I work with primarily is the chakra system. Each of the chakras has their own flavor or characteristic. They each have their own developmental period similar to western societies psychological development model. 

During the first 7 years of life these chakras are forming and this is when trauma is most likely to affect these them. When these chakras become damaged or blocked it affects the physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological aspects of the body. It can affect every aspect of your life career, money, relationships, and so much more. 

Working to unblock these chakras is a highly intuitive process that I have worked to develop over the past 14 years. 

I can work with you in person or via Skype to help identify blockages in your energetic centers. Once these blockages have been identified I can offer suggestions on how to open and heal these areas.