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Free Introduction to Chakras Webinar

Have you ever wondered what in the hell the chakras are or how they apply to your everyday life? In this webinar, I will take you through a brief introduction into the 7 main chakras in the body. I will demystify the chakras and explain the characteristics each one has.

This webinar will last roughly 1 hour.

Date: Saturday February 9th @6pm EST.

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Awaken Your Root Chakra Online Course


In this live online class we will explore how you can enhance your vital life force, manifest everything you have ever wanted, and heal trauma by awakening and balancing the Root/Muladhara Chakra. 

I will share with you my extensive knowledge of how I have learned to work with the root chakra in my own life and with my clients. 

The root chakra is the foundation for all of the chakras in the body. It is the chakra that gives us structure, boundaries, and wealth in our life. When it is balanced and awake we are able to live our life to the fullest. As we awaken and heal our root chakra we are better equip to open the other chakras in our body.

Class overview 

Part 1. Feb 16th 6:00pm-8:00 EST

  • Introduction to the Chakra system

  • Characteristics of the Root 

  • Developmental Stages of the root chakra to include;

  • 3 stages of human development trust vs mistrust, autonomy vs shame, and separation vs autonomy and how they relate to the root chakra. 

  • Characteristics of an open, closed, and overactive root- to include physical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Trauma and the root chakra

  • Using meditation to awaken the root

  • Open discussion at the end of each class

  • Homework assignment 

Part 2. February 23 6:00pm-8:00 EST

  • Learning how to assess boundaries with the root chakra

  • How to identify blockages in the root chakra. 

  • How to manifest what you want through the root chakra

  • Physical movement exercises to start connecting to your root chakra

  • How to use astrology to heal your root chakra

  • Open Discussion at the end of each class

  • Homework assignment

Part 3 March 2nd 6:00pm-8:00 EST

  • Working with crystals to heal your root 

  • How to utilize herbs and tea to heal your root

  • Increasing your vital life force and healing your root with food

  • Creating mantras to heal and awaken your root


Early Bird Special-$119 before February 9th

$139- from February 10th on

Everything that is listed above is included for this price. You will get all three live classes with me where you can ask questions and hear other peoples experiences, pdf that includes crystal list, tea recipes, mantra, journal prompts, and journal paper.


What you will be getting

This class includes;

  • 3 live webinar classes with me

  • PDF that includes everything listed below;

  • Chakra mantra print out

  • Journal prompts to help awaken and heal the root

  • List of crystals to use with the root chakra

  • 2 tea recipes to use with the root chakra

  • Printable journal paper

  • MP3 of guided root chakra meditation

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Take a journey into self awareness and quiet your mind through guided meditation. In this simple mini course you will learn how to quiet your mind through guided meditation.

This course includes;

  1. Mini audio lecture that you can listen to anywhere, in your car, the gym, on lunch.

  2. 18 min guided relaxation and meditation

  3. Lunar themed kit that includes tips for meditation and a mantra sheet to keep you on track.

This class is completely self guided so you can work on this at your own pace and when you want. The investment for this course is $10.

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