Energetic Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting 2.jpg

Cutting the Cord

As humans we are constantly connecting our energy to each other. Each time we experience and emotion with someone we connect a new cored to that person. Most of the time these cords are what bond us and bring us closer together. However, sometimes these codes are what keep us connected to painful experiences and people much longer than we need to be.

Cord cutting is a tool I learned many years ago that has become instrumental in my own healing journey and when working with clients.

If you are struggling with a painful break up, friendship ending, job ending, or letting go of painful memories cord cutting can help.Through a guided meditation I will walk you through cutting these energetic cored. This will allow you to start healing from this event.

Does cord cutting require me to cut off the person it is attached too?

No! The great thing about cord cutting is you are working on a different vibrational plane. You are able to communicate with that persons higher self and cut only the cords that are not serving you. This allows you to move on the event and start to heal.

What can I expect from a cord cutting session with you?

Once you have decided to book an appointment with me we will arrange a time to chat either via phone or Zoom. During this time I will discuss with you the cored you want to cut. I will then walk you through a guided meditation and walk you through the steps of cord cutting. After the cord cutting is done I will perform energy healing to help aid in your healing.

If you have any questions about this session please feel free to email me.