Conscious Movement

weight lifting .jpg

It's time to move!

After 14 years working as a massage therapist there is one thing I have learned and truly believe, and that is, people hold trauma in their tissue. It doesn't matter how much meditation or mindfulness you do, if you don't move your body that crap is going to stay stuck!

I believe that in order for trauma to be released from the body, it requires you to consciously move your body and discharge the stuck energy. 

I utilize my training as a Crossfit instructor to create custom workout plans to help people start moving their body and heal. In the process, your body will start to lean out, build muscle  and get strong as hell (just an added bonus).

When it comes to creating fitness plans, I like to work with weights and
kettle bells, because I believe these movements are very grounding and
help build trust in your body.

I work with people at all fitness levels. I have clients that are hard-core
cross fitters and weightlifters and other clients who are just working out
for the first time. It doesnt matter where you are in life, I can create a
plan that works for you. Moving is very important!




As I mentioned above, the body holds onto trauma and energy blockages in the tissue. When trauma and energy is not released from the body, it creates dysfunction in the physical, mental, and spiritual body. 

I work with the body to help release trauma and energy blockages from the tissue. I utilize my past 14 years experience as a massage therapist to read the body and work with the areas that are blocked.