Episode #25 Week 1 of Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Week 1

In this episode I will share with you the first week from the sacral chakra section in my book Light it Up. During this first week in the sacral chakra section you will be introduced to the sacral activating meditation. This meditation will require you to have at least 5 minutes alone. In this podcast I will give step by step directions on how to perform this simple meditation.

Physical Activities

Each week of this journey includes a physical activity. During this week you will take a healing bath. The sacral chakra’s element is water and water is a powerful tool in activating and healing this chakra. To add to the holistic benefit of this treatment you can add a crystal gemstone to the bath water and essential oils.

Journal Activity

The journal activity this week is to explore your sacred feminine energy. The sacral is home the your sacred feminine energy and in order to activate and heal the sacral chakra you must start to connect and heal your feminine side as well. This activity will ask you to reflect on your relationship with your own feminine energy.

Wrapping Up

Each week you are reminded to take your time and spend as long as you need on each weeks activities . If you are interested in having a chakra healing workshop in your local area I will be traveling next year teaching a chakra healing workshop . Those interested in host a class in their local area should reach out to me via email. stephaniecottoncoaching@gmail.com