Episode #36 Week 4 of Sacral Chakra

In this episode, I cover the 4th and final week of the sacral chakra from my book "Light it Up". I discuss how we form boundaries early in life and how these boundaries may need to be evaluated later on in life. The journal prompt for this week will have you diving deep into your own boundaries. 

The physical exercise for this week is deadlifts. I explain why this exercise is a powerful tool in healing the sacral chakra and where you can find tips on how to do them correctly. If you are not sure you can always look on youtube or go to check out www.thebodyastrologer.com

I also cover 4 crystals you can use to heal the sacral chakra and how to work with them. I talk about creating elixirs and how to charge and clean them. Crystals can be very helpful tool when you are working with your chakras. Crystals have their own energetic frequency and have the ability to aid in healing chakras.

This episode has information about my upcoming workshop “Awaken Your Root”. This will be a live webinar style workshop that will be have 3 separate parts to it. I share all of the details in this podcast.