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Episode #33 A Rose Colored You

Episode #33 A Rose Colored You

n this episode, I sit down and chat with Sofia Lawrence (a yoga instructor and motivational mentor) and Leslie Woods (entrepreneur and boss base) and discuss their upcoming workshop on;

1. Situational Awareness: Jumpstart your journey to a rewarding inner narrative by understanding when, how, and why you are speaking to yourself.

2. Build Inner Dialogue: Refine your awareness with tools and takeaways that you can use in your day-to-day life.

3. Create Your Ideal 2019: Envision and design your year ahead in a tactile way with your own vision board.

We talk in depth about how self-talk can impact your life and how to attract everything you want into your life. 

Episode #28 New Year New You?

The new year is right around the corner and the resolutions are running like wild fire! For the record I really hate the saying “New Year New You” like there is something wrong with the you that you are. I think you are fucking fabulous and you don’t need to be a new you, you just need to make yourself happy!

In this podcast I talk about how I have changed my view of New Years and making solutions. I used to make big goals and I used to help my clients do the same. The problem with this is that when we don’t meet those goals we end up feeling like shit. We don’t meet those goals because we have underlying issues keeping us from meeting those goals. Social media and television is over inundated with people trying to profit from our desire to be better. The problem is all of these people are preaching new year new you but you are the same person. They are not helping you change your energy patterns. If you don’t change your energy patterns you can’t change they way you operate. There is something deep inside that is causing you to lose weight or work at a job you hate and it’s not laziness. In this podcast I talk about this and how to set realistic goals.

I also address how you can work with the cosmos to set goals. In January we have a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. These are great times to release what isn’t working and start new. I will be doing a full podcast on this very soon.