Episode #20 Should be Open this up?

Episode #20 Should be Open this up?

In this episode I tackle a subject that most people don’t want to talk about, having an open marriage. My husband Eric and I talk about our own experience of exploring this as an option in our own marriage. I have always found the dynamics of an open relationship or even polyamory fascinating and I really wanted to share my own exploration on this subject. So may people have judgments on this type of relationship but there can be real beauty in being open minded and sharing your love. I do think it takes a lot of self work and open communication and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Go listen to this episode to hear all of my thoughts on this!

Episode #16 The Unsettled

Episode #16 The Unsettled

In this episode, the Caffeinated Gypsy spends some time talking to the owner of The Unsettled Co Phinny Huffman. Phinny is an entrepreneur who believes strongly that it's important to follow your heart in life and it's ok to be unsettled. In this conversation, the ladies talk about navigating social media and how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. They also get into how important self-love really is and how you need to unfollow people on social media that make you feel bad. There is also some very frank talk about marriage. This is an episode that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. 

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Episode #5 No Sex=Better Sex

Episode #5 No Sex=Better Sex

In Episode #5 the Caffeinated Gypsy and her husband Eric get personal about their sex life. They share their personal experience about how they healed their relationship and improved their sex life by taking the expectation of sex out of the relationship. Stephanie and her husband Eric have almost 20 years of marriage together and offer a real and honest conversation about the struggles a lot people have (including themselves) when it comes to having a healthy sex life long after the lust wears off.

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Episode #3 The Cranky Yogi

Episode #3 The Cranky Yogi

In this episode of the Caffeinated Gypsy and Erica talk candidly about Erica's journey into the Yoga world and she approaches Yoga differently from most. Erica also shares her journey through being a massage teacher, mother, and the philosophy behind her and her husband's website the Mindful Bohdi. They also share some personal experiences about dealing with mean people on social media and how they try to stay positive while dealing with social media b.s.

Erica Ramos Erica is a former massage instructor turned yoga teacher with certifications in vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, prenatal yoga and loves many different forms of fitness including weightlifting and kettlebells. She also is a self-proclaimed astrology fanatic and uses astrology and moon phases as self-help tools. She also owns her own small in-home family childcare business by day and is the co-owner of The Mindful Bohdi with her husband Danny. 

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Episode #2 The Long Journey Home. The road to healing.

Episode #2 The Long Journey Home. The road to healing.

In episode number 2 we are joined by Tracey Preston. Tracey shares her journey from coming out of a deep depression and attempting to take her own life to now creating content to help create a sisterhood that supports other women in their healing and life journey. In this interview, we leave no stone unturned. We talk about marriage, divorce, parenting, the struggle to find healing when you lack money, astrology, energy healing, and the desire to create a sisterhood. 


Tracey is the creator of Rise Mama Rise and the Luna Love Tracker. 

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Episode #1 Getting to know the Caffeinated Gypsy

Episode #1 Getting to know the Caffeinated Gypsy

Stephanie Cotton and her husband Eric Cotton introduce the Caffeinated Gypsy by exploring 11 questions from Tim Ferris book Tribe of mentors. In this podcast, Stephanie recommends her favorite books about spirituality, mindset, positive thinking. They also talk about CrossFit, fitness, meditation, spirituality, and the what rituals Stephanie has that others might think are strange. Stephanie also shares her journey into holistic health, spirituality, and creating her Chakra workbook Light it up.

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