Episode #38 To My 25 Year Old Self

Episode #38 To My 25 Year Old Self

Tomorrow is my birthday and it has me doing some serious self reflecting. I like to take time each year and think about what I have acholmpished over the past year of my life. This year the 10 year photo challenge is fresh in my head and it make me think what was my life like 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was just starting my Saturn Returns and was 28 years old. I was feeling like I was behind in life and trying to play catch up. When I think back on this time there was a 3 year blur between 25-28. Everything just runs together because I was so busy trying to make shit happen. In this podcast episode I decided to share advice I would give to my 25 and 28 year old self.

Episode #22 Caitlyn Nicole- Boudoir Photographer

Episode #22 Caitlyn Nicole- Boudoir Photographer

On this podcast the Caffeinated Gypsy interviews Caitlyn Nicole;

At first glance, Caitlyn might just seem like your everyday photographer capturing pictures of cute couples and taking some sexy Boudoir photos, but this bad as mama is anything but ordinary. Caitly is a photographer who specializes in Boudoir shoots to help empower people to feel good about themselves. Working with men and women she has the ability to show people a side of themselves they often didn't know was there. 

When she isn't taking pictures she is training with her husband in Kravmaga and helping to empower people on a whole other level. Caitly shares what Kravmaga is all about in this podcast and also exciting news about the new adventure her and hubby are taking on in the new year. 

Also, I can't leave out that this badass mama is a mom to a 2-year-old and currently pregnant with baby #2. This girl is doing it all! Check out this episode to hear all about what she has planned for the new year and her current work! You are going to love her!

You can find out more about Caitlyn on 


@caitlynnicolephotography for insta, pinterest and fb 

Krav Maga launches the 10th! fingers crossed) 

@roge.kravmaga on instagram

The Caffeinated Gypsy is a Transformational Life Coach and the Author of Light it Up, located in Durham, NC. Find out more about her on her website



Episode #6 Plant Medicine, Womb Healing, and Sex

Episode #6 Plant Medicine, Womb Healing, and Sex

In this episode I speak with Katie Cotton a Holistic Health Practitioner and Womb Healing Facilitator in Washington. Katie in me explore several taboo subjects in this interview . We discuss the trauma and healing in the womb space and how this work has changed both of our lives. We also dive into plant medicine and how it can be used for trauma, anxiety, and to be more present in your day to day life. Finally we discuss sex and how we are striving to take the shame and stigma away from this with our own children.

Episode #2 The Long Journey Home. The road to healing.

Episode #2 The Long Journey Home. The road to healing.

In episode number 2 we are joined by Tracey Preston. Tracey shares her journey from coming out of a deep depression and attempting to take her own life to now creating content to help create a sisterhood that supports other women in their healing and life journey. In this interview, we leave no stone unturned. We talk about marriage, divorce, parenting, the struggle to find healing when you lack money, astrology, energy healing, and the desire to create a sisterhood. 


Tracey is the creator of Rise Mama Rise and the Luna Love Tracker. 

You can find out more about her tracker and her latest offerings at

You can also follower her journey on IG at rise_mama_rise 


We are excited to have Tracey joining our community and you can learn more about me your host Stephanie Cotton at my website

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