Transformational Coaching


What is transformational coaching?

In the simplest of terms, it's about changing how you see yourself. We all bring trauma and baggage into this world. Most of the time we even pickup some extra along the way. In this method of coaching, I will help you to look at what is truly holding you back in life and give you the tools to let go of that shit! We will work on changing the subconscious and energetic patterns that are creating your current environment. 

My coaching style is very unique. I believe that dysfunction in life can stem back to the first 7 years of development. While I don't like to dwell on the dysfunction, I do like to help people explore the root cause. When you understand the root cause, you can then begin to correct the subconscious patterns and energy blockages that are holding you back. 

I utilize a long list of methods and modalities to do this. I pull from my education in mental health and marriage and family counseling, chakra healing, movement therapy, meditation, and bodywork , just to name a few tools. By utilizing a variety of methods and modalities it allows me to work with clients on a profoundly deep level. It also allows for rapid progression and healing. 

If you are ready to curate your life and let go of all the shit that is holding you back. I am your girl! Let's do this!!!!!

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